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Crawling, Then Strolling Back

For the past week, I’ve been getting better, running-wise, at about 1.5% a day (an obviously arbitrary number).  Logged 17 miles running and walking for the week, 22 miles cycling, and I worked out at the gym twice.  Next week I’ll do 10%-15% more, if all goes well, and add some swimming.  I sure would like to have an endless swimming pool, as pictured below, but I’ll make do with either the regular outdoor pool at my condo complex or the indoor pool at the gym.

Endless Pool -- Not Me Swimming

Endless Pool — Not Me Swimming

A week ago today, I had quite a setback.  I’d been for a 20-minute walk, following my chiropractor’s suggestion that I not run, and felt ok.  When I got to my door, I casually reached down to untie my shoe, and got a spasm in my right hip the like of which I’ve never felt.  It was so painful I was crying, and I felt so disabled I thought I’d have to call an ambulance.  But managed to get inside and back upstairs, where (thankfully) there was a muscle relaxant and a pain pill and an opportunity to lie still — half hour later, I was ok-ish, but the pain lasted the rest of the day.

However,lucky me — a week later, today, just got back from a 27:30 run\walk session, in    which 20 minutes was running (slow running, maybe an 11 or 12-minute mile pace).And then, after showering and a bit of food and a little rest, rode my bike 5 miles to a meeting.  And an hour or so late rode the same distance homeward, to breakfast with 3 friends in the neighborhood.

Getting better — slowly but steadily.  Maybe Monday morning I can get in 4 miles.


Bicycle Commuting

Oh, everybody knows that a frequent reader of the Letters to the Editor in any newspaper is likely to encounter brilliance, eloquence, confusion, and world-class idiocy.

Take today, for instance.  The editorial page Editor here in little ole Gainesville, Fl, is one Ron Cunningham.  For years, Ron has been calling for the city to make bicycle commuting more attractive — more bike lanes is a big part of it.  And Ron has put his money (or his butt and feet) where his mouth is, not only advocating bike commuting but stubbornly riding to work, even in difficult conditions (no bike lanes, not enough good bike lanes).  And he’s reported on his bicycle commuting efforts.

Today a letter noted that Ron must be contradicting himself — since he’s been regularly commuting by bike, then the city obviously doesn’t need any more bike lanes, doesn’t need to modify roads to add bike lanes (we’ve started calling roads with bike lanes “complete roads”).  Yikes, even a cursory reader of Ron’s many columns on bicycle commuting should see that his main point is how difficult bike commuting is on the roads we have, that we need to change our transportation ideas to make Gainesville more bike-friendly.

But no, today’s letter writer seems to have entirely missed that.  My friend Sam commented that you might as well write that, since our ancestors crossed the continent in covered wagons, there’s clearly no need for highways or super-highways.