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I retired, August 2012, from being an English professor at Santa Fe College in Gainesville FL.  Interested in running, triathlons, religion, books, and movies.  I’ve been doing lotsa research on retiring to the North Carolina mountains in about April 2014 or after.

Spent some time working with my good friend Lex at Studio Circle Square in Gainesville.  We established a new business marketing Lex’s invention, Flipstands.  I posted several times in August-October 2013 about the invention and about opening a business.

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  1. pkrash
    Apr 27 2013

    saw an alarming bit on the recovery section:

    I’ve been with many recovered people with years of sobriety, and none of them thought changing the language was the way to go.

    doing so reeks of self centered ness and tooling the program so it fits one.

    never works. 🙂

    addiction is a serious disease, so serious words are used.
    it’s a negative disease that’s chronic, so recovery is progress,
    not an end event.

    defects seems to me a good description of my problems.

    low self esteem does not equal humility (ask any spiritual guide)
    selfishness is not nurturing, it’s self centered.
    judgemental is self centered and not humble,
    manipulative is in no way well organized. organization has nothing good with being controlling of a situation for personal gain.

    I’m glad we had this little talk. 🙂

    stay sober!


    The point of reframing the language that we use in talking about change is that if they’re “characteristics,” maybe they’re more readily changed than “character defects,” which sounds a bit permanent. And also “characteristics” isn’t as negative as “character flaws.” Re-framing the language fits with the concept that, “Addiction is what I have; it isn’t who I am.”

    Made me think, in an afternoon meeting during which a friend presented some Step 4 resentments and “characteristics,” that maybe there’s some rehabilitative possibilities, to wit:

    – ”low self-esteem” might be changed to “humility.”

    – ”self-centeredness” or “selfishness” might be changed to “self-nurturing.”

    – ”judgmental” could become “evaluative.”

    – ”manipulative” might be changed to “well-organized.”


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