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Furious 7

So, I’ve been telling people I know that I went to the movies yesterday — and when they ask what I saw, I answer, “Furious 7, of course.”

A few months ago, I saw the Furious 7 trailer in the theater, and it JUST LOOKED GREAT!  That made me interested, and I remembered that Vin Diesel is the most graceful actor in movies, and though he’s an icon of masculine cool, his macho guy stuff is more complicated and sensitive than lunkhead.  Diesel is no oaf, and the Furious franchise generally has done a good job of doing the fast cars, action sequence thing, good enough that we’re on SEVEN (about which Diesel has gone on record as saying it will win the Best Picture Oscar — probably not, since action movies typically don’t win the Best Picture Oscar).

Vin Diesel & Jordana Brewster

Vin Diesel & Jordana Brewster

Here’s my summary: Never seen a movie (probably never been a movie) with more moving parts than Furious 7.  We’ve got cars and trucks driving out of planes into the sky (parachutes, think parachutes), cars and trucks in the air because of cliffs, parking garages, tall buildings, and explosions.  We have lots of explosions, gun fights, fist fights, and more things in motion on the screen than I would ever have thought possible.

Last week a read a review in The Village Voice (“Good News! Furious 7 Offers More of the Same Craziness!”) in which Stephanie Zacharek confessed that she’d not only seen every one of the Furious movies, but that she’d enjoyed them all. And then she discussed Furious 7 and why it’s so good — just had to see it.  Wasn’t expecting a classy piece of Art Cinema, wasn’t expecting to be enlightened in any way; just wanted to see all the things flying around on the big screen.

Some bonuses: Michelle Rodriguez co-stars.  That’s Michelle Rodriguez from Girl Fight.  Jason Statham, who’s been making a name for himself in action movies, plays the villain, and does so quite well.  The great Kurt Russell (who’s been in just about everything in the past 30 years, including Escape from New York, Executive Decision, and The Thing), saunters into the movie about 30 minutes in — he makes a spectacular entrance, too — watch for it.