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September 25, 2014

New Kayak

by Brendan

I needed a new kayak — my chipped, dented, and leak-repaired 9-foot Heritage was no longer doing the job.

Rhythm 11

Rhythm 11

So I went to the nearest Dick’s Sporting Goods (love any sporting goods store!) and purchased  a Perception Rhythm 11 (it’s 11 feet long), pictured here:

Drove down to Ocala (about 40 miles) on Tuesday and found the boat.  But it was raining heavily, and Dick’s Sporting Goods doesn’t have a warehouse or any kind of overhang, so I left the boat there for later.  Which later turned out to be Wednesday (yesterday).  When I got home, however, I took a better look at the boat and started to have the sinking feeling that I’d been given the wrong boat — it looked just like the boat at the left, but it was 13 feet long, not 11 (and had an additional storage bin in the front).

So, lucky me!  I got 2 feet more boat than I’d paid for.  But that wasn’t going to work since there were reasons I wanted to 11-foot boat — it’s that much lighter and easier for me to get on and off the roof racks by myself.  Probably the 13-foot boat would have been too much for a geezer like me.

So this morning I woke up and about 4:30 A.M. and realized that I had to drive back down to Dick’s and see about switching boats.  So I did, arriving right around 9:00 A.A. when they opened.  No problem, they switched them right out, and by 9:20 I was back on the road.

Can’t wait to get my new boat wet — maybe tomorrow, though the weather report (just watched Mr. Weather Guy Bill Quinlan on the local news) calls for drastic rainstorms, maybe starting before it gets light.  So Saturday?  No, busy busy day.  Maybe the usual kayak day, next Wednesday, when Sam and I typically visit the Santa Fe River, or Lake Santa Fe, or maybe in future the Suwannee River.

A new boat is major excitement for me.

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