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August 9, 2014

Brain Day

by Brendan

Yesterday, August 8th, was Brain Day.  Well, just for me as far as I know (it’s not a national holiday) — every year I celebrate the anniversary of my brain tumor surgery on August 8th, 2002.  So yesterday was my 12th Brain Day.

As usual, I made brain jello — yes, I have a brain jello mold.  It came with instructions — peach or watermelon jello (this year was peach, didn’t see any watermelon); a can of condensed evaporated milk; a few drops of green food coloring.  The picture captures how brain-like and appalling the brain jello is — but once you get past that, it’s only jello, tastes fine.

Me with Brain Jello

Me with Brain Jello, With Peg & Lee

When I arrived at Bageland for my usual Friday morning Liberal Coffee Hour at around 9:00, I was pleased to see Peg and Rod Owen in place, and even more pleased to see a tablecloth that said, “Happy Brain Day.”  (Slightly modified from “Happy Birthday” with a magic marker.)

I unveiled the brain jello, and one by one or two by two the rest of the group arrived — Lee and Martha, Stewart and Elisabeth, Barbara and Scotty, Barb and Bruce, and my best friend, Sam.

A good time was had by all, I think.   Bageland barista (baristo?) Michael bought me breakfast, bless his heart,  half of the brain jello was consumed, we attracted the attention and then the participation of other customers.  Everyone expressed that they were glad I’d successfully navigated my August 8, 2002 brain surgery.

The rest of the day was wonderful — my friend G.W. called me around 11:00, and we talked for awhile; I met my friend John for lunch at Piesano’s pizza.  A very fine Free To Be meeting in the evening.

The only slight disturbance in The Force is that I have a head MRI scheduled for Monday — hope that I get the same result I’ve gotten on my 9 previous head MRI’s since the surgery, a film that’s clear of any recurrent brain tumor.  Oh well, nothing I can do about it.

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