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August 2, 2014

Hobby Lobby Protest

by Brendan

My hometown of Gainesville, Fl got a Hobby Lobby the other day, and they had a grand opening, and the grand opening called forth a protest.

Protesters At Hobby Lobby

Protesters At Hobby Lobby

The protest, of course, was about the recent SCOTUS ruling that Hobby Lobby could opt out of providing some forms of birth control  (part of the health plan for HL employees) because of the corporation’s religious objection to abortion and abortafacients.

Yes, corporations are people now, and consequently they can have religious objections to this and that.  I get it, but it seems to me that pawing through a health care provider’s services and parsing out which ones might have some relation to abortion is a bit too picky-picky-picky, like parsing how many angels can dance on the head of an IUD (intrauterine device).

I think that calling an IUD an “abortafacient” (something that causes abortion) is technically correct — unlike barrier methods such as condoms (which of course keep sperm and egg apart) or birth control pills, an IUD does indeed prevent the implantation of a fertilized egg, which to some percentage of our population is the same as a person.  But having religious objections to the health care plan paying for an IUD is, to my mind, too picky-picky-picky.

Don’t want to argue that issue here and now, but one of the protesters was carrying what is now my favorite sign: “Life begins when you stand up to Christian fascists.”  Right on!

In the Middle Ages, the prevailing thought on when life begins was when “quickening” occurs — which then meant when the pregnant woman first felt the fetus kick or move.  Not very scientific, being subjective, but it was after all the Middle Ages.  Roe v Wade seems to say that life begins in the third trimester of pregnancy, which in that SCOTUS opinion is when the government might have an interest in disallowing abortion.  At least that’s my reading of Roe v Wade.


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