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August 1, 2014

Scotty’s 95th

by Brendan

I have a regular Friday morning coffee hour with a group of friends — we’ve been doing it for around 10 years, and it was long ago designated as Liberal Coffee Hour.  We’re of the Democratic Party persuasion, a couple of people have positions with the local party, and at least one of us works with the League of Women Voters.

I’m 64 (years old, that is), and I’m one of the youngest group members, except for Barb and Bruce (the full group is a dozen or 15 people).  Our oldest member is Scotty, who celebrated his 95th birthday today.  He and his wife Barbara are pictured below, with the cake that Peg baked (delicious lemony icing!).  They’re wearing the hats that Barb (Barbara & Scotty’s daughter) supplied.

Generally we talk about politics — local, national, international.

Barbara Scott and Scotty

Barbara Scott and Scotty

We’re more likely to talk international politics if Steward and Elizabeth are there — both of them worked for the Foreign Service and have lived all over the world (Washington, D.C., Granada, Bhagdad).

Today’s conversation was more along the lines of birthdays, health, families, other people we knew who were in their 90’s.  I’ve never known anyone who was 95 years old before, and I elicited a promise from Scotty that he would live another 5 years, so we could celebrate his 100th birthday.

By the way, we’re celebrating at our usual meeting place, Bageland.  Today we apparently tickled a lot of customers who came in and saw the party, the cake, the hats.  Some strangers even came over and wished the guest of honor a happy birthday.

A little island of calm, fun, and love in a world that has had a chaotic, tragic week.

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