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April 9, 2014

Easter’s Coming

by Brendan

This upcoming Sunday is Palm Sunday, the Sunday before Easter, of course.  I’ve been doing my best to have a holy and productive Lent, trying to follow some tips from Nadia Bolz-Weber and The House for All Sinners and Saints (  Didn’t do them all (couldn’t do a WHOLE DAY of Internet fasting), or didn’t do them all in order.  But I did, I guess 26 of the 28 suggestions that have come along so far.

Looking forward to Palm Sunday — I’m the Altar Server then at St. Michael’s, a job I like a lot and get a lot out of.  Then during the following Holy Week, I’ll go to services during the week on Wednesday and Thursday evenings, Friday noon for Stations of the Cross.  (I’m actually serving on Thursday, aka Maundy Thursday, and on Friday for Stations.

About Maundy Thursday — it gets its name from the Latin word mandatum.  The Scripture for Thursday during Holy Week Jesus at dinner with his disciples, washing their feet and then after dinner saying the Words of Institution that create the Eucharist Sacrament (“This is my body, this is my blood” — insanely provocative words considering that he and the disciples were practicing Jews in the 1st Century and had a profound horror about blood and corpses).

William Brassy Hole, Jesus Washing the Disciples' Feet

William Brassy Hole, Jesus Washing the Disciples’ Feet

And then he gives the disciples a new commandment (mandatum): “Love one another, as I have loved you.”  Not insanely provocative, but definitely a challenge for the disciples, then and now.

At our church, we’ll have foot washing.  Nicely humbling to wash someone else’s feet (it might be someone I barely know, perhaps an elderly woman or man).  Nicely humbling to have my own feet washed — again by someone I don’t really know, or maybe Rich, my pastor.

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