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February 13, 2014

Tonight’s Weather

by Brendan

Right, right, right — my blog has gone all to hell if I’m actually writing about the weather.   But no, I have two things on my mind, which I’ll share with you forthwith.  (Always wanted to write a sentence using “forthwith”!)

The first thing is, thankful to a benevolent Creator for living in Florida this week, as the weather mounts to catastrophe in many other parts of the country, looking especially drastic and dire in Georgia, the state above me, and both North & South Carolina, just north of Georgia.  I’m lucky that my life has not been affected in any way, really, by the current weather situation; gone out running three mornings this week, cycling the same three days.

Slate's Craziest Weather Photo of Today

Slate’s Craziest Weather Photo of Today

The second reason I’m posting tonight is to share this remarkable photo with you.  It’s from a Slate live blog on the weather — Twitter poster Eric Halthaus

Eric Holthaus @EricHolthausfrom Twitter4h

 calles it, “Quite possibly the craziest snow photo I’ve ever seen, today in Raleigh NC:”

 Not only do we have gridlock on what might be an interstate, but we have a car on fire, etc.  I’m particularly taken with the woman walking away from the scene (and her stranded car, no doubt) talking on the phone, likely updating family or friends and seeking what help is available.

Someone needs to help out there; someone needs to take an interest.  Let’s all check our news sources tonight and tomorrow to see if help arrived at the crisis in Raleigh, NC.

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