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February 11, 2014

Driving the Lord’s Salt Truck

by Brendan

Sunday’s sermon at my church, St. Michael’s Episcopal Church here in Gainesville, Fl, was about salt.

Yes, about salt.  Well, one of the scripture readings for the day was the Gospel passage where Jesus tells his followers that they’re the salt of the earth, the light of the world.  He notes then that when salt loses its taste, it’s not much good.  And that there’s a tendency to put a light under a bushel, where it does no good.  (Heard a good sermon once on how he says,

Lauren Daigle, "Light of the World"

Lauren Daigle, “Light of the World”


“The light of the world,” NOT “the light of the church.”)



Father Rich noted that salt has been much in the news lately, what with all the winter storms.  Salt, ya know, is needed for highways, to melt the snow.

Various talk heads on TV have talked about salt shortages, especially in Southern cities not much used to dealing with heavy snowfalls as this winter has delivered.  Father Rich argued that there doesn’t seem to be a salt shortage so much as a salt bottleneck — plenty of salt, but not the truck and people to deliver it.

And that, he said, is where we come in.  The salt to make the world taste better needs to be delivered, and we’re the folks who need to deliver it.  Likewise the light.

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