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January 3, 2014

Two New Recovery Opportunities

by Brendan

Two new Recovery opportunities have landed on my lap recently, broadcast by a benevolent hand:

1. A Twelfth Step call my friend Tom and I have become involved in during the past 2 weeks.  Tom’s sponsor had relapsed, mostly on crack cocaine, with a bit of alcohol mixed in, I guess.  Said sponsor is an old, old friend of mine named Jim, a guy I’ve known since 2004, when we attended, every Monday evening, a group called Overcomer’s Outreach.  It’s 12-Step based, and our group was mostly alcoholics, with a few drug addicts thrown in, and an occasional pornography addict or bulimic thrown in.  We spent years together, and then the group declined in numbers and faded away.

But the point here is that I know Jim well, paid hard attention when Tom told me he’d relapsed, and worried about him.  Then one Thursday evening about 8:45 Tom called, said Jim wanted to go to Detox, asked me to go along.  At first I begged off — but I called him back about a minute later and said I’d go with him.

So we went to the Motel 6 down near Interstate 75, picked Jim up, and drove him to Detox.  Altogether it took less than an hour, and I was very, very glad I’d done it — first 12-Step work ever for me.  Hope to do more.

2. I was the speaker at the New Freedom group Jan. 2.  I’ve done it twice before (once there and once at a different group), but it’s always good for me to share my story, and hopefully good for at least one person in the audience.  It went well, but I get nervous and start rattling it off a bit — hope it’s not too noticeable.  People afterward, and the next day, were kind enough to compliment me, say it went well, even highlight some specifics they’d noticed.

Anyway, a good Recovery week — with the added benefit that Tom and I visited, last Saturday afternoon, a good friend of ours who had relapsed.  Just sat and talked, but lately this friend, Bill W by name (ironic, eh?) has sobered up, showed up at meetings, gone to lunch with me, and generally speaking seems pretty well.

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