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December 28, 2013

Duck Dynasty Palaver

by Brendan

So, we already know from following the media in the past few weeks, that the Duck Dynasty guy, Phil Robertson by name (of the Robertson family whose exploits the “reality” show is about), got his Constitutional rights to free speech and freedom of religion violated by the evil A&E Network, who put him on hiatus because of a crude and homophobic rant he delivered in in interview with GQ– and A&E has already restored Phil to the show, having caved in after much protest.  (Note to U.S. Constitution non-experts: Only the government can violate one’s First Amendment rights to either freedom of speech or the practice of religion; a private company like A&E Network can’t.  I expect Sarah Palin not to know that, but Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is both a lawyer and a Rhodes Scholar, so he should — a almost certainly does– know better.  Just playing to the base, ya know.)

Note to those who decry the alleged “political correctness” that got Robertson busted: Connecting homosexuality to bestiality is the very definition of homophobia.

So, On Duck Dynasty, the Robertson clan is a depicted as a ZZ Top-bearded, all-camo-wearing clan of duck hunters and backwoods sages.   But, hey, they manage to run a successful business selling duck calls and other hunting products, so someone must actually be working hard.  And in their natural state, they seem to be Polo-wearing, clean-shaven golf lovers, as the picture below shows:

Duck Dynasty's Robertsons, sans beards

Duck Dynasty’s Robertsons, sans beards

What do we learn from this?  Well, other than TV “reality” shows are not the same as reality, I just don’t know.

And by the way, the photo above as well as other photos of the Robertsons (including one from patriarch Phil’s days playing quarterback at Louisiana Tech, where he was the starter ahead of Terry Bradshaw) come from here:

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