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December 19, 2013

Carleton Christmas

by Brendan

I got my Bachelor’s degree from Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota, and since I’m an alumnus (and an alumnus who donates), I get emails, including an email yesterday with an electronic Christmas card from President Steven Poskanzer.

Carleton Christmas

Carleton Christmas

The card, when played, showed alternate views of Carleton College buildings in the summer and in the snowy winter, with an accompanying musical chorus.  If you’d like to play it and see\hear for yourself, click on this link (no point of clicking on the arrow in the picture above, as that’s only a picture of a forward arrow that plays a slideshow\video):

I’m keeping the email in my Inbox to look at it from time to time — it’s a nice thing to have in this Christmas season.  Since Thanksgiving a few weeks ago, I’ve decorated the outside of the condo with a few tasteful lights (after overdoing it and then cutting it back, I think it’s tasteful), and there’s now a decorated tree in the living room, a great comfort when I get up in the darkness or come home in the darkness.

Christmas lights are pretty clearly an effort to light up the increasing darkness of the Winter Solstice season.   Like most human efforts to fight back against all kinds of darkness, it’s equal parts pitiful and heroic.

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