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November 6, 2013

My Amazing Day

by Brendan

I started off today like most Wednesdays — get up, walk the dog, drink coffee while reading newspaper, go out for a run.  Unfortunately, I hadn’t set my alarm for 10 minutes earlier because it was Wednesday and I wanted to meet Joe, David, Doc, and Sam at Bagel Bakery for food and coffee by 8:15 — so cut the run a bit short, only 2 miles.

I’d planned to cycle downtown after bagels\coffee, as I had a 10:00 appointment, and I did (the first of 5 cycling trips today).  Met my appointment, ran an errand, then headed back across town a bit, stopping at a Starbuck’s to kill some time.  When I got my coffee and crumb cake, there was a message on my phone from Doug, a very good friend whom I haven’t seen in months.  Called him back, arranged to have lunch at 2:00, and while I was on the phone saw a guy in the coffee line I thought I recognized– sure enough, it’s Rich, my pastor.

So I invited him to sit with me and chat, which we did for half an hour or so.  He’s a great guy, lucky to have him as pastor and friend.

Then a 12:15 AA meeting, which went awfully well — 15 people shared, some of them new, sort a a record for this long-winded lot.  I gave out the chips, had fun doing it, lingered and talked to several friends.

Then off to lunch with Doug, great fun as usual.  He’s retiring soon, and I’m urging him to write about what he knows perhaps better than anyone, the Decline of the Academic Textbook Publishing Business.  (Maybe I’ll write about that topic tomorrow, the little I know about it, that is — being a career teacher, I’ve been sort of on the sidelines while the big changes happened.)

Bye now.

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