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October 23, 2013

Like A Beckett Play

by Brendan

Yeah, other than my life being lonely, empty, and meaningless, I’m having a good day.

Maybe I’m exaggerating.  After all, my friend Joe was visiting from Maine — came Sunday, left on an early flight this morning.  Good having him around to hang out with; we went for burgers at Copper Monkey on Monday night, went to Ichiban for dinner yesterday, and before that walked out on the La Chua trail in the afternoon and saw, as expected, a good number of gators.

Running went well this morning — it’s still humid from last night’s rain, but the temperature is cooling off again.  Good, as we’ve all had enough of these summery conditions into late October.

Went to my usual noon A.A. meeting today.  Must be insane, expecting something other than what I get there just about every day, and got today: endless, repetitive, bloviating nonsense.  Occasionally someone shares from his or her own life, but mostly it’s just Program cliches (everyone’s programmed, I guess — you are controlled, take possession of your own life!  Oops, too late).

Feel like I’ve dropped into a Beckett play: Nothing happens, no one comes, no one goes, it’s awful!  (This, of course, from Waiting For Godot, as is the following):

Vladimir & Estragon, waiting

Vladimir & Estragon, waiting

–Do you believe in the life to come?

–Mine always was.

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