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August 28, 2013

The Other Shoe (or, More ATT Idiocy)

by Brendan

Yesterday morning (Tuesday, August 27th) all was well with our Internet service.  But then…but then…we came back from lunch and Internet didn’t work — no signal, a red light on the modem instead of the usual green.

So I called AT&T help for what seems like the hundredth time, and after much phone menu and waiting because “all our associates our busy helping other customers” (well, you need MORE associates, right?), Allan came on, collected some info, and determined that our service had been turned off, for reasons yet to be determined.

The only thing to do was to establish a new account, which involved him going back and forth on the phone to Sales while I waited, waited (the whole process took about 2 hours on the phone).

Turns out that someone at AT&T named Rosita Borg had canceled our Internet (“Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated”).  AT&T thought that we had a Uverse installation scheduled for yesterday (no, it happened Aug. 20th), and the only way they know to start a new service is to turn off the old one.  (Some words like “moron” come to mind here.)

One final thing: while on the phone to Allan, someone from AT&T called about the install scheduled for today.  I assured her it had already happened, wasn’t necessary — and on the way to work this morning, I wondered if they would regard what I said as cancelling service and just turn everything off.  No, all is well so far today.

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