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August 23, 2013

Soft Opening

by Brendan

We’re having a “soft opening” of the Out Front Flipstand DBA (doing business as) Roll Over Rover — next Friday, August 30th, at The Jones, Side B (203 SW 2nd Ave.) as part of the monthly ArtWalk in Dowtown Gainesville.

Here’s a picture of Lex assembling the 10th of 10 completed Flipstands — Scott at The Top, a local restaurant, is interested in buying 5 of them.

Lex Assembling 10\10 Flipstands

Lex Assembling 10\10 Flipstands

At Artwalk at The Jones Die B, we’ll have Flipstands on display, and for sale.  Can’t really expect a lot of small business owners to be going from venue to venue for ArtWalk, but who knows, really?  And perhaps people looking for art will want to buy one as sculpture — I’ve looked at them and said out loud, “These are just too beautiful to use for a business POS; they’re more like sculpture.”  Hey, if someone wants to buy one, it’s not our business to worry about how they want to use it — be a shame to have people using them for weapons, but we have no control over that.

And here, just a few minutes later, is a completed Flipstand with an iPad and a Square card reader — just the way we envision they’ll be used in hundreds, or thousands, of small businesses across the universe.

Flipstand with iPad & Square

Flipstand with iPad & Square

Looking forward to Friday.

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