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August 10, 2013

Out Front Flipstand, Inc.

by Brendan

Our flipstand business venture is up and rolling, little by slowly.  Quite a list of things we’re checking off that go into establishing a new business: legal incorporation, opening a bank account, patent application and trademark registration, getting a Website built.

Oh, and manufacturing our product, the Out Front Flipstand, so that we can sell them.

Pictured is a flipstand in use at Volta Coffee here in Gainesville, 4 blocks from our shop.

Flipstand being used by a barista at Volta Coffee

Flipstand being used by a barista at Volta Coffee

What you can’t quite see in the picture is that our barista is typing in a charge on an iPad (any tablet will work), and that attached to the iPad is a Square (visit, a free reader for credit cards.

After the clerk finishes her entry, the stand is flipped toward the customer

Flipstand facing the customer

Flipstand facing the customer

In this picture you can see the Square attached to the top right of the stand and the iPad screen.  The customer puts in his\her info, and the transaction is complete.

Large businesses (think Wal-Mart) have multiple cash registers for computerized sales\inventory; smaller businesses have smaller POS (point-of-sale) devices.  But the businesses we’re targeting might have 5-10 employees or less with a 600-800 square feet shop;  for them, large cash registers or other POS devices are too expensive — an initial $800 and a charge of $0.40 for each transaction.

The flipstand solves those problems — $200 retail, plus a tablet computer.  (No reason for the tablet computer to :live” in the shop — a small business owner might want to just take if off the stand and use it for a home computer.)

If you’d like to learn more, comment on this post or back-channel me at

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