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August 9, 2013

The Comedy Continues

by Brendan

When last we were discussing the AT&T installation of phone\Internet, Bob had just installed them…I thought.

Came Tuesday morning, August 6th, and when I came into the shop I registered the (AT&T) modem, set up the Internet, did a bit of work online.   And then…no more Internet.  Tried everything I could think of, then finally called Bob (good of him to leave a number), and he told me that the work order was just to set up phone service.  I thought, say what?  Why would we do that?  And why then did Internet work for 45 minutes?  His theory was that the building previously had Internet service, that I had logged on using that, and the previous service had somehow got turned off.

Puzzling, isn’t it?  After much phone calling, I was told by AT&T customer reps (motto: “Doing everything possible to make sure nothing works”) that the Internet install was scheduled for TODAY, Friday August 9th.

Bob told me yesterday afternoon that they’re very busy, but he’ll try to make sure I get Internet first thing this morning.  It’s now 9:46, still waiting, thoroughly lacking confidence that AT&T Internet will happen.

Oh well, there’s always  Another neighbor in the building, Fracture, has and likes it just fine.

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