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August 9, 2013

AT&T Comic Opera (Tragic?)

by Brendan

Trying to get AT&T phone and Internet service here at Studio Circle Square\Out Front Flipstands, Inc., and it’s turned into an Opera Bouffe (Comic Opera).  And, as with all comedy, there’s an underlying sadness.

It all started way back in July, when I called AT&T on July 29th to get phone\Internet service installed — we decided on AT&T because another business in our building, Skaanska, has it and says it works fine, so we knew the wiring was already in the building.

Got an installation scheduled for a Thursday, August 1st, between 1-6 P.M.  About 3 P.M. I called to see if I could find out when the service technician would arrive–only to be told that they could find no record of an installation scheduled.

What to do, what to do?  Decided to give it one more try, so the next day called again, got an installation scheduled for Monday, August 5th, between 9 A.M. and noon.  At 12:15 on Monday I called to see why the installation hadn’t happened, only to be told (wait for it, wait for it) that there was no record of an installation scheduled.

Then it gets better: 1:30 that afternoon, got a call from an ATT&T service tech named Bob who said he had a work order to install phone\Internet, was 2 blocks away and on his way.

Bob installed the stuff (I thought), and it was time to shut down for the day.

And then…and then… (to be continued)

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