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August 9, 2013

A Happy Ending!

by Brendan

So, at about 11:30, UPS delivered a package for me from AT&T.  A new modem, a few DSL filters for phones, a couple of other cords.  Spent the last hour setting it up, and now I’m using my new AT&T Internet service to post this.

Whichever AT&T rep I spoke to most recently did say that it would be a self-install, that they were sending me a package by the end of day today (came a good bit earlier).  This info conflicted with the other info that an installer would come and bring a new modem, and I’m still verrrrrry unhappy that it took the better part of two weeks, many phone calls, much phone-menu-surfing, much being on hold, and quite a few emails, tech-support site visits, and use of my installed AT&T Troubleshooter.

Oh yeah, and doing the modem registration, file download, Windows updating twice (it takes a good 30-40 minutes).

Is this a cool modem or what?

Is this a cool modem or what?

But it’s done, (fingers crossed) working, very strong signal.   Would I recommend AT&T to a friend or another business?  Don’t know about that.

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