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August 2, 2013


Out Front Flipstand

by Brendan

For the past month or so, I’ve been working with old friend Lex Dold at his Circle Square shop, where we manufacture things out of metal and wood (and paint or otherwise finish them),  Shown below is a set of 4 tables made of Cypress.   We used biscuits and glue to fasten the pieces together, and here the glue is drying.

Cypress Table, Glued & Clamped

Cypress Table, Glued & Clamped:


And here are the tables again, with Lex wiping off the excess finish (Dark Walnut stain) so that they can be clearcoted and buffed.

We’re also starting a new business, Out Front Fipstands.  We’ve incorporated the business with the State, opened a bank account, and are in the process of registering a trademark.

Our Flipstands are made of steel, which must be first cut into shapes and then welded into the trademarked Flipstand design, which works with Squares, a free card reader that allows small businesses to process customer credit-card payments using an iPad or other tablet computer.  (Go to to find out more and\or sign up for your own free Square card reader.)

The Flipstand has a small footprint, appropriate for small shops, and easily flips over to allow both clerk and customer to use the tablet to transact a sale.  (The type of card reader used by large businesses calls for not only a substantial initial expense put also charges a $.040 fee per each transaction — expenses the Flipstand does away with.)


The picture shows Lex working behind a small “army” of Flipstands  that are mostly finished, cut, welded, ground and sanded–so they’ll be smooth to the touch for both customers and clerks.

The final stage of the Flipstand process is painting, done in the Out Front Flipstand paint shop.

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  1. Aug 14 2013

    Nicely done!

  2. Aug 14 2013

    Thanks, Pam — it’s a good thing to have a reader. All I need now is about 6,000 more.


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