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May 24, 2013

Naked Ed at Lily Springs

by Brendan

Sam and I went kayaking today, and decided to put into the Santa Fe River at Poe Springs Park — because the river is beautiful there and also to see if the construction work on the walkway and steps leading up to the swimming area was finished (not quite).

We decided to paddle downstream first, while we were fresh — meaning we’d have some energy left to paddle back up.  (I know, Mr. Spock, I know — that’s not logical).  Saw a wonderful dock composed of two pontoons from a pontoon boat with a dock mounted on it, sliding board and all.  Noticed that the back of the boat\dock had an engine mount, wondered if the dock could be launched and driven on the river (what a sight that would be!)

Heard a guy power-sawing and hammering on a dock downstream, so we decided to go a watch a man work for awhile.  He told us we’d got there just in time, as he didn’t plan to work much longer — just getting ready for a party, at which he expected 100 or so guests, at which there would be live music, which he’d been hosting since 1993.  Nice of him to share his beautiful property on the Santa Fe River with so many others.

Paddled back up and across the river to take a turn up to Lily Springs, where Naked Ed his a camp, sort of a house, and some very nice property.  Ed is a local legend (, and here’s his picture:

Naked Ed at Home

Naked Ed at Home

Ed was shirtless and had on a pair of shorts, and Sam and I had a 20-minute chat with him.  About being a fellow Vintage 50’s (he was born May of 1950, according to the bio he has posted on a sign); about parents and nursing homes, including some medical fraud he scoped out and reported involving his mom, now passed away.  About the different sounds that squirrels make when they’re warning other squirrels about a cat versus a hawk.  About our healths, about people in our cohort dying off.

And then back upriver.  We had lunch at Alice’s Parkside restaurant in High Springs, which features a Fried Shrimp Special on Friday’s.  With 2 sides — I had coleslaw and cheese grits, with cornbread, while Sam had grits, hushpuppies, and collard greens.   All most excellent, in the way of a local restaurant in the rural South.

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