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May 6, 2013

The Bruschetta Tour

by Brendan

Possibly the most-delicious food I’ve ever eaten was the Bruschetta con Gamberoni (bruschetta with shrimp) at De’Neno’s Restaurant in Alachua, Fl. Sadly, De’Neno’s was only open for a few years, years coinciding with when Pam and I lived in High Springs and then Alachua — Spring 2004 until November, 2008.

What made the Bruschetta con Gamberoni so good was not only that shrimp is so (and this shrimp was fresh, cooked right) but the garlic and tomatoes.  I don’t know where Carol De’Neno got her garlic and tomatoes, but she had a good vendor (or farmer, maybe), and then she marinated them.

Thinking of this last Friday when Pam took me for a slightly-belated birthday dinner (my 63rd birthday was three days earlier, April 30th).  We went to Pomodoro’s in Gainesville, one of our favorite Italian restaurants (I was in the mood for pasta).  Their bruschetta was just fine — not up to the De’Neno’s bruschetta standard (nothing ever is), but quite delicious — good bread, tomatoes, and scallops.

For a main course I had linguine con vongole, pictured here:

Pomodoro's Linguine Con Vongole.

Pomodoro’s Linguine Con Vongole.

Very tasty, and more than we could eat, so we came home with excellent leftovers.   And shared a nice tiramisu as well.

Looking at the picture I took of my food (taken with the iPhone) reminded me of 30 years ago, when I was taking a course on Federico Fellini’s movies in grad school at University of Florida from Bill Robinson.  My friends and I cooked and shared Italian dinners at our houses, taking pictures of the food; my friend Steve even dressed up as Fellini once.  Food, pictures of food, Fellini movies.   Sigh.

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