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April 25, 2013

Kayaking the (Not) Wild Santa Fe River

by Brendan

Sam and I kayaked the Santa Fe River yesterday, choosing the easiest and arguably most-sedate trip available, starting at the Highway 441 boat ramp, paddling upstream a ways, and then floating\paddling back downstream.  We were looking for a quick trip and wanted to check out the water level upriver (we did Santa Fe River Park last week, downriver and with plenty of water — almost always, as it’s below Poe, Blue, and Ginny Springs).

Quite a few people on the river, maybe a bit odd for a Wednesday morning.  A couple in a tandem kayak from High Springs, elderly, the woman on crutches with a missing right leg from the knee down but nonetheless a river paddler.  Some high-school guys (“my mom checked me out of school early”) in a small powerboat there for the fishing.  And a half dozen other canoes or kayaks paddling in the beautiful sunshine and mild temperatures.

We saw a small herd of two deer, grazing on a lawn near the woods by one of the very few houses on this stretch of the river.  At about 11:00 A.M., late for deer to be grazing.


Way More Exciting Than the Santa Fe River

Way More Exciting Than the Santa Fe River

The photo above has NOTHING, obviously, to do with the Santa Fe River.  It was taken on St. Maarten’s Island, which has an airport with a very short runway that starts near the beach, so pilots of big planes have to fly 30-60 feet above the beach to land on the end of the runway, giving them at least a fighting chance of not crashing.  If there were a similar airport right next to the Santa Fe River, and if there had been a photographer nearby yesterday, you’d be looking at a picture of me in an orange kayak and Sam a blue kayak, similarly panicked.

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