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April 13, 2013

Beach Weekend

by Brendan

We headed over to New Smyrna Beach yesterday for a beach weekend.   It was cloudy yesterday and looks as though it will be again today, but it’s still fun looking at the waves (listening, too).

Walked on the beach yesterday afternoon, and I took a run down the beach this morning — surprisingly cool, though the sun was up (since it was behind the clouds a bit with a slight breeze off the 70-degree ocean).

There’s a regatta down the beach this morning, starts in about an hour.

Had a breakfast feast, Pam cooking cheesy grits with eggs and English muffins.  Then down to the beach in the car — parked about halfway to Flagler Ave., within the course of the regatta.  Did some walking, found a good place , and watched the boats tacking hard against the wind.

After that, seemed like a good idea to check out all the shops on Flagler Ave., the main street on the beachside.  Had some cold Diet Cokes at Nichols Surf Shop, where I also looked at old pictures of lifeguards from the 40’s, 50’s, and early 60’s (I started as a beach guard in the summer of 1966).  Nichols also had a lovely blue Ovation guitar hanging on the wall, which not only had all six strings but was also in tune.

A fine lunch at Clancy’s Cantina (right, Tex-Mex food at a place called Clancy’s — hey, old Mr. Clancy, whose kids I went to school with, was from a Texas border town, and so are his recipes.

At lunch we were looking at on Pam’s iPad, which offers not only a Google map of the area but also markers of houses\condos for sale and their prices.  So we started exploring, driving by nearly a dozen houses for sale, taking us all the way to the southernmost end of the island, where we checked out JP’s Fish Camp, a good place for lunch tomorrow and kayak launching.

On one of our stops to look at houses, we saw two Gopher Turtles (Tortoises?) engaged in a war: check out the picture,

Turtles Battling It Out, S;lowly But Surely

Turtles Battling It Out, S;lowly But Surely

and we also have video (iPhones are amazing, aren’t they?) that might go up later.

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