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March 22, 2013

Another Kayak Adventure

by Brendan

Sam and I finally got back out on the river in our kayaks today — after trying for (seemingly) forever, with this trip nixed because of the weather, or that trip ko’ed because one or the other of us was ill, or the other trip bollixed up because of confused phone messages or me muting my phone and forgetting to un-mute it, or check messages.

So we met at Bageland 9-ish for food and coffee with our Friday friends, and then put boats on the roof at Sam’s and headed for the Santa Fe River in High Springs.  Decided to put in the water at Rum Island,

Santa Fe River gator, Spring 2010, with babies

Santa Fe River gator, Spring 2010, with babies

paddle upstream until it seemed time to turn around, and then head back.

A surprising number of people on the river today, mostly because of a 5-kayak group of folks from Michigan, who are here in Florida for a month exploring our waterways in the boats they brought with them from Michigan.

There was another small group of two canoeists, novices in rental boats from Adventure Outpost in High Springs.  They asked us first how far it was to Rum Island, and since we’d just come from there, we could easily say, “15 minutes.”  The second boat, which contained a college students and what looked like her youngish mother or older sister, had questions about low water and running aground — we assured them, not a problem in you stay away from ripples, rocks, and the river’s edges.  I warned them, “Pay no attention to anyone who says you have to toss a virgin into the river to appease the water gods,” to which the young one quickly answered, “We’d be in big trouble, then.”  HA and ha and ha!

So past Rum Island a few hundred yards, turned with all the Michiganders into the Blue Springs run.  There’s a nice big sign there on the wooden walkway that warns boaters that it’s Private Property, which didn’t scare us, or the Michiganders, or the two canoes off.   Sam pointed out, that according to Florida law, all waterways are public — though the wooden walkway belongs to the Blue Springs owners, as does there parking lot and beach, the water is public.  So, it being public, we all enjoyed it.


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