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March 6, 2013

Weather Event

by Brendan

We’re on a week-long vacation in Waynesville, North Carolina.  We expected that the weather would be 10-15 degrees colder than in Gainesville, FL.  But we’re in the path of a WINTER STORM that has all the tv weather people excited.  Snow is predicted tonight and tomorrow in Waynesville, Asheville, and in the Carolina mountains.

Today was a rainy day, mostly from about 2:30-6:00 P.M.  We got to go out for a walk this morning (after a delicious breakfast) around the golf course on neighborhood roads (we’re staying at the Waynesville Inn, on the Golf and Country Club site); then into town for a meeting for me and a trip to the public library for Pam.  Since it was already raining a bit, we decided to drive on back to the hotel, stopping for lunch along the way.

Waynesville Rain

Waynesville Rain

The forecast is for a low of 27 degrees tonight, and what with all the standing water everywhere, tomorrow morning should be slip-slip-SLIPPERY. We’ll probably stay inside all day, or most of it — good thing we have paper books, books on our Kindles, books on our Kindle apps.  (Yes, I’m reading three different books, which is one too many for me, so I have to decide which to put aside for awhile.)

And that’s the news from really-quite-nice Waynesville, North Carolina, where no doubt all the women are strong, the men good-looking, and the children above average.

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