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February 7, 2013

When Enough Is Enough

by Brendan

I know all sorts of people who train for marathons and halfathons and a few ultra runners (mostly runners in my group, the Dead Runners Society, which you could google and join).

For me, the longest race I do for these days is a 15k, and generally I’m satisfied to be able to train for and compete in 10ks or 5ks as well as sprint triathlons.  So my running is usually in the 22-25 miles a week range, cycling around 30-40 weekly miles, a little strength training, and some swimming when the triathlons are more imminent (first one this year is mid-May).   Here’s a picture of the Nocatee Duathlon from a couple of years ago — 2-mile run, then 11-mile cycle, then another 2-mile run.   It’s like a triathlon, but without the swim (as the race organizers said).

Nocatee Duathlon, November 2011

Nocatee Duathlon, November 2011

Judging from how tired I felt this morning while running just 3 miles (after a mere 2.5 yesterday), I might be overdoing it a little this week.   Ran 11 miles total on Monday & Tuesday, did a 2-mile walk\run with Pam (my lovely wife) Tuesday evening, have another jaunt planned with her tonight, so seems I need to conserve energy a bit  — over 20 miles by Thursday is a bit steep for this 62-year-old runner.  Especially when we add anothr 20 miles or so cycling and one strength workout at the gym.

Not a big problem — it’s not like I hurt my knee or am actually experiencing any pain, just feeling a little tired during my morning run.  Always like to kinda check in with myself as to whether I’m being lazy, experiencing what my good friend Jim Puckett calls a lack of gumption, or am actually tired and need to dial back the mileage.

So it’s 3-4 miles tomorrow morning, maybe even less if being tired is an issue.   (And btw, I like to always give it 10 minutes of running before I make a decision — let my body get over its resistance to a changing state, its inertia.  Ya know, a body at rest tends to remain at rest.)

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