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Florida Recovery Center

Not what this blog was supposed to  be about, but life happens, happened.  For much of the year, especially since May, I found myself in a downward spiral, not able to stop drinking for more than a week or two –despite my best efforts, despite going to A.A.

So, as a result of not being able to stop drinking, tired (as my Department Chair was tired) of me calling in sick on Mondays, sometimes on Tuesdays, I retired from my job as Professor of English at Santa Fe College, here in Gainesville, Florida on August 15th.  Too bad-  I loved that job, hated doing it so badly.

And then, the spiral went even further downward, so my wife and doctor got me to Detox on November 15th.  After 5 days there, I was taken to Florida Recovery Center for further treatment, 30 days worth, in fact.  And when that ended, on December 19th, I signed up (and paid for to the tune of $9,910.00) for another 30 days — but this time as a commuter, which means that I go to Florida Recovery Center all day Monday-Friday and a bit less on Saturday\Sunday, and spend the nights at home with my wife, Pam.  I’ll be doing that through January 17th.

More details on this later — I just had to take a deep breath and plunge into a new topic\category for my blog.

Mathias de Grunewald's "Resurrection," part of the Isenheim Altarpiece tryptich

Mathias de Grunewald’s “Resurrection,” part of the Isenheim Altarpiece tryptich

Maybe this is a new start for me, for me and my wife (and other family, and friends).   Maybe it’s a rebirth, which is why there’s a picture of Mathias de Grunewald’s “Resurrection” here.