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October 16, 2012

Training for the Title

by Brendan

Just kidding — I’m the last runner in the pack who’s gonna win a title, other than “Slow Old Guy.”  But, like The Dude, I abide.  And keep at it.  And sometimes see some progress.

Take this week, for instance.  I did pretty well last week, with 22 miles and a good bit of cycling, some strength training at the gym, one swim, one kayak trip.

Ferris Wheel Instagram,Daytona Beach Bourdwalk

As I was thinking about the beginning of the training week on Monday (yesterday), I calculated that if I upped the mileage gradually, I’d be ready to run the 15k I’m registered for on December 8th.  Maybe do 6 miles yesterday — and I did, it felt fine, so good that I got in 5 miles this morning — the thought is, if all the pieces fall in place (and no body parts fall off), to go over 25 miles this week.  That would be good.

A shorter run tomorrow (it’s a mid-week break I give myself), then maybe 5 again on Thursday, and my total will be 19 or 20 miles with Friday and Saturday to go.  Yay.  And keeping up the cycling (5 miles yesterday, 9 or 10 miles tomorrow), with strength training already in the bank today and a kayak trip planned for Thursday (roughly equivalent to strength training at the gym, in my way of thinking about training — no need to push machines at the gym if I’ve gone kayaking, done some paddling as well as wrangled boats on and off the roof).

Have to see how it goes — daughter Becca is playing tonight at High Dive, opening for Laura Marling (who, it’s been explained to me and checked out on YouTube, etc., is sort of a big deal, not in the sense of course of Lady Gaga or Adele, but a big deal in the indie rock circuit).  This means I’ll be out late tonight, maybe even later than 10:00 P.M.  Still hope to get up at 6:30 and run 2 or 3 miles.

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