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October 7, 2012

Weekly Abstract

by Brendan

Didn’t do much running or cycling this week, nor much of anything, really — had the flu for about 5 days, started to get better only on Wednesday (it’s now Sunday, btw).   I tried to go out cycling on Wednesday, feeling great remorse for my inactivity, but was either so weak or still slightly feverish that I had trouble keeping the bicycle upright, even had a small crash — not in traffic, fortunately, and no damage to the bike, most importantly, and little damage to my bod (bit o’ road rash, a bruise or two).

Went to the gym Friday, did strength training, did a shortish run (3 miles) yesterday, but had a very good gym workout this afternoon.  Did machines, managed to push the weights as well as the repetitions a bit, felt good enough afterward to do some stationary cycling, followed by a little rowing.  Used to do the rowing machine on a regular basis, put in good time on it, but somehow rowing has been pushed to the back of my awareness lately.  Note to self: consider rowing after each strength training session; hey, even consider going to the gym just for rowing.

As a reward, went over to Greenery Square

Greenery Square

(plants and flowers are sold, and there’s the CYM Central coffee shop).  Spent an enjoyable hour, first getting a most-delicious grilled cheese, bacon, and tomato sandwich from the Grilled Cheese Wagon guy (with Swiss, Provolone, and American, yay!).   Then inside the coffee shop for iced coffee and some reading of coffee-table books.  Paged through a fascinating photo-essay about Ernest Hemingway, book length and robust with pictures.  Goodness, Hemingway had a lot of wives!

Recently read his Garden of Eden, which was published fairly recently, long after he died in the 60’s, reconstructed and edited (apparently) from stuff he’d been working on but hadn’t finished.  Pretty typical Hemingway, pretty good — and not nearly as sexist and violent as his work sometimes is.

Next on the agenda, and the perfect capstone to a week, is Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie, which I expect to be lotsa fun.

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