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September 25, 2012

Running, a Few Days Later

by Brendan

The last post was me whining and moaning about being sluggish in runs lately, wondering if old age had got to me, or if it was because of the endless, endless Gainesville summer.  Or other.  (Like, plateaus happen.)

Then there was yesterday morning.  I’m making coffee in the kitchen about 6:30, Pam’s walking the dog and getting the newspaper.  She comes in and says, “You won’t believe what it feels like outside.”  So I go outside, and she’s right — it’s maybe 60 degrees and dry — quite a relief after 5 1\2 months of 70-plus degree mornings with high humidity.

The cool weather must have inspired me, so yesterday’s run of was 6-plus miles (and another mile of fast walking, about a 13-minute pace, with Pam).  Then some cycling on my not-entirely-dead legs (8 miles).  And then 5 miles running today on another cool morning.

I’m figuring that it was the weather that accounted for my month or so of sluggishness and struggle with running.  Everything’s fine now; sorry about the whining.

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