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September 20, 2012

Running Today (aka Trash Miles)

by Brendan

Went running this a.m., on a perfectly good day (temperature near 70, pretty high humidity), and as has been happening more and more lately, every step was a struggle.

Got in 4 miles, but I felt like stopping after the first 50 yards and just about every step after that. Was thinking that these are just trash miles I’m doing, but so what, Trash Miles R-US, and then…. And then…I thought, maybe I need to take Thursday off completely from running; maybe if I do that my runs on Friday and Saturday will be better — could add a little speed training, even (whereas today all I could do was slog, slog, slog).

So I’ve entered “Day Off From Running” in my log for next Thursday, calculated how much monthly\yearly mileage I might lose from taking Thursdays off, and wondered if I can still get 1,000 miles a year in.   And just now thought, so what if I didn’t get in 1,000 miles a year?  It’s not like the world will stop spinning on its axis.

Seems worth a try. Not getting any younger. (Or maybe it’s just the end of a long, long, long Gainesville summer that’s got me tired — when those cool, crisp days of Fall and Winter come, maybe all will be well.)

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