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September 17, 2012

The Apple Store Brigade

by Brendan

On Sunday, September 16 (yesterday), we made a side trip to the Apple store in Jacksonville on our way home to Gainesville from St. Augustine (there’s no Apple store in Gainesville).  Pam’s iPhone wouldn’t shut off and also had a battery problem, needing to be charged all the time.

The Apple store in Town Square is amazingly crowded —

Apple store, Town Center

a regular-sized store, 27 associates, even more customers.  So we made an appointment for an hour and a half later , filled the time with some shopping.  Came back, and Pam was helped almost immediately.  (Good thing we made an appointment — the hotdog vendor outside said, “You’ll be there all day.  It’s the busiest store in Town Square.  If there was a tornado, the Apple store would still be full.”)

I asked the hotdog vendor if she knew any new hotdog stand jokes, since I only know the one about the Buddhist monk.  She said no, she’d didn’t even know the Buddhist monk one.

Buddhist monk walks up to a hot dog stand and says, “Make me one with everything.”

When he gets his hotdog, he hands the vendor a $10 bill.  Waits, waits — then says, “Don’t I get any change?”  The vendor tells him, “Real change comes from within.”

(The vendor yesterday was a young woman, seemed to like the joke, maybe just being polite.)

Apple store bottom line — Pam’s iPhone couldn’t be fixed, so they gave her a new one.  Problem developed, the tech theorised, when she dropped it without a case on it, a carbon-based error of course, not a problem with the phone (which would be a silicon-based error, I suppose).

So, new phone, not too long a wait, good tech advice — go Apple!  (Much better than the AT&T store where we bought the phones — their solution to every problem is, “You’ll have to take it to the Apple store.”  And ATT&T thoroughly screws up our bill every month and seemingly can’t be straightened out.   My take on ATT&T — be afraid, be very afraid.)

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