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August 30, 2012

P***Y R**T

by Brendan

I’m a little behind the times here, but seeing their photo again today reminded me how much I admire what Russian punk band Pussy Riot did — staged a little performance\demonstration in a Greek Orthodox church to protest the evil, totalitarian, and corrupt government of Vladimir Putin.

Pussy Riot’s Performance\Protest

Yep, their was sacrilege, yep on heresy, agreed on offensive — but that of course is what a punk band is supposed to do.  Never Mind the Bollocks! Here’s the Sex Pistols as a useful example and case in point, though I can’t think of a similar political action done by a punk band, or actually by ANY band.  But from the Sex Pistols song “God Save the Queen,”  meant to be a mockery of the original song:

  1.        God save the Queen
  2.         Her fascist regime
  3.         Made you a moron.

(From the same album, I particularly like the song “Pretty Vacant.”  Joan Jett does a nice cover of it — Joan certainly understands what it means to be pretty vacant and not care.  She also understands that “Love Hurts” and does an excellent cover of that on the same album, The Hit List.)

Nice to know that Punk Rock still exists.  It exists in my town of Gainesville, FL as well.

In the Pussy Riot case, the difference between their provocation and the Sex Pistols ‘provocation is that Russia is not a democracy, the Putin regime doesn’t much like dissent and provocation, and so forth; so Pussy Riot were sentenced to 2 years in prison for their “crime,” which the Russian court called  “hooliganism” (yeah, doesn’t sound like a real crime, does it?).   And guess what, the band members who made statements didn’t sound at all repentant post-sentence, bless their dissident hearts.

A sideline to the incident was watching the trouble ABC News and NPR had dealing with saying the band’s name on the air.  (I wonder what the band’s name is in Russian, if it has a Russian name.)

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