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August 29, 2012


Love the Person In Front of You

by Brendan

Sounds easy, no?  No, it probably doesn’t sound easy to any of use to love the person in front of us.  It’s a spiritual practice I learned about last week in reading Rachel Held Evans’ blog (

Rachel lists 5 spiritual practices that she argues can help the practicer (practitioner?) progress in his\her spiritual life, and the first one is, “Love the Person In Front of You.”  Clearly, that can be hard, depending on the person and the situation, but it’s also doable (probably — I’ll try to find out).  She adds in her discussion that sometimes loving a person simply means spending an extra 15 minutes of your time.

I’m pretty sure I can do that — except tomorrow at 2:00 P.M., when I will be in a hurry and not have 15 minutes to spare.  I have a 2:30 appointment with Dr. Robert Amdur, my radiation oncologist.  Had my 10th post-tumor MRI last Friday, and tomorrow Dr. Amdur will tell me what he sees on the films; which, I hope, will be nothing.

Yes, people accuse us of being empty-headed, but I have proof — many scans of the inside of my head have revealed nothing.  Well, nothing that shouldn’t be in there, like a tumor.

There will be a bit of anxiety, as I wait to go to the examining room, as I wait in the examining room, as Dr. Amdur’s assistant comes in and asks questions relating to dizziness, headaches, etc., all symptoms I don’t have.  And then there will be some anxiety as I wait for Dr. Amdur to walk in.

All will be well; all manner of things will be well (as Julian of Norwich wrote oh-so-many years ago).

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  1. Aug 29 2012

    I had my reply in mind before I got to the last line, “All will be well; all manner of things will be well.” Yep, all will be well.


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