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August 24, 2012

Running Report

by Brendan

I haven’t reported much on running lately, and that’s cause there’s really not all that much to report.  As of today I have 644 running miles logged for 2012, which puts me on a reasonable path (83.5 miles per month) to get 1,000 miles for the year.  That’s always my goal, and I usually make it.

Now, in the context of serious runners, especially serious marathoners, 1,000 miles a year is not much at all —  only about 20 miles a week.  But in the context of ME, it’s about the right amount if I want to remain uninjured and, more important, want to enjoy running.

Not a Runner, a Guy Riding a Waverunner

As far as training\exercise, I also have 450 cycling miles this year, do a bit of lap swimming, and go to the gym once or twice a week for strength training on the machines. (There’s also the kayaking, and maybe I need to add Waverunning, like the guy in the photo to the left — looks like fun!) This keeps me able to do the occasional triathlon, but I’m mostly a runner.  Mostly a middle-of-the-pack to back-of-the-pack runner in races (I guess in both running AND training).  Seems to work.

Seems to work ’cause I mostly remain uninjured (knock wood). In fact, I’ve not been injured at all for over a year — I had an Achilles Tendon issue that lasted most of 2010 — Alleve, ice, rest, stretching, Active Release Treatment with Keith, and finally a “cure” when Mark, my chiropractor, suggested orthotics in my shoes.  He told me to get the kind of orthotics that you microwave and then insert, so they “mold” to the shoes — I did that for all my running shoes, and the Achilles has been fine.

I also took Keith’s recommendation ot get some Newton shoes, designed to make me more of a mid-foot striker, and that helps the Achilles Tendon, also.  And then I got Merrell Trail Gloves and Merrell Free Access Trail Shoes, so all that emphasis on mid-foot striking, along with the orthotics in my other shoes, has changed my gait from that of someone who injures his Achilles to someone who does not.

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