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August 22, 2012

Retirement, Day 5

by Brendan

Today is Tuesday, August 21st, and it’s my 5th day of retirement.  At Santa Fe College, from which I retired end of last week, most of the faculty, administration, and staff assembled for the Convocation that begins every semester.  And I wasn’t there, didn’t have to be there, didn’t miss it.

Tomorrow, classes begin — at Santa Fe College, with 17,000 students, and across town at the University of Florida, 50,000 students.  Tomorrow’s the day I’ll probably feel really, really retired, missing as I will the chaos and (admittedly) excitement of a new Fall semester.

Nothing much on the docket for tomorrow.  As usual, I’ll meet Joe, Sam, David, and whoever else comes for coffee and breakfast at The Bagel Bakery, just down the street from our condo.

But on Thursday, I’m meeting Rick at his house for a kayak trip, something I couldn’t be doing on a Thursday during the semester if I were not retired.  So perhaps Retirement, Day 7, will make me feel really, really retired.

Or maybe the first time I make an overnight trip during the week during the semester.  I still have 16-17 weeks to get to that.

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