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July 12, 2012

A New Semester, Training “Adventures”

by Brendan

A new semester of teaching Technical Communication began for me on July 2nd — and, wonder of wonders, all my students showed up either the 2nd or the 3rd, not waiting as I feared until after the July 4th holiday to arrive.  And, as a sort of lucky break, I only have 30 students total in two classes — typically there would be 40-42 students in two classses, so my workload of grading papers (grrrr) is reduced about 25%.

No new kayak adventures, unfortunately — eager to get back up to the Santa Fe and Suwannee rivers and see how much the flood stage has gone down.

Three Rivers Estates

Hey, eventually all that water will flow into the Gulf of Mexico; just a question        of how soon eventually is.  For now, I’m eager to go back to Three Rivers Estates, on the Itchetucknee River (which flows into the Santa Fe River).  You’re not looking at a river here — it’s a flooded road, that leads to houses ON the river.

Running is going well — 23 miles last week, on tract for 23-24 miles this week.  Keeping up the cycling (20 miles this week so far), going to the gym for strength training twice a week instead of once or even once every two weeks.

Posted to the Dead Runners Society list (you could Google it, join Dead Runners Society) my goal for next April, when I turn 63 — to be the fittest 63-year-old in my smallish town of Gainesville, FL.  Fellow listers, my friends, reined me in a bit with their comments.  “Great goal, B!” said Nangel; but Jane said my goal should be to be better than my former self.  A nice statement emerged: there is no virtue in beating others, but there is virtue in beating our former selves.

Works for me.  No races in the near future — not trained up for the Beaches Fine Arts Triathlon Series, which I’ve done a few times, not trained up for the Biathlon Series here in Gainesville (it’s a half-mile swim, which is a lot for me, who is used to sprint tri’s with a quarter-mile swim).  But September 24th there’s a 10k Under the Oaks on St. Simon’s Island in Georgia.  I plan to be there.

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