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July 3, 2012

More Flood Adventures

by Brendan

We continued our flood exploration the next day, Saturday, June 30th.  Pam and I drove up to the Suwannee River at Branford, stopping along the way to look at Three Rivers Estates, which is on the Itchetucknee River, a spring-fed river that feeds into the Santa Fe River, which feeds into the Suwannee, which eventually ends up at the Gulf of Mexico.

But first here’s a picture of the first place Sam and I stopped on Friday, June 29 — the Highway 441 boat ramp in High Springs.

Highway 441 Boat Ramp

The Stop sign is, of course,     usually on the road, usually about 10 feet above the river level.  As I mentioned before, there were High Springs Police Department barriers in the road to the boat ramp, presumably to keep anyone from actually driving right into the river.




And below is a picture of the Suwanee River, in park on the river in Branford.  The little kid is playing on a ramp that leads to a walkway — both are usually above the water level, but here the bottom of the ramp and ALL the walkway are in the river.

Suwanee River Park, Branford

The Suwanee’s banks are high in most places I’ve been to (Branford north through White Springs), so it would be unusual (though not unprecedented) for the river to rise over the banks.

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