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May 11, 2012


May W(h)ine

by Brendan

Hi To My Loyal Reader (hey, maybe I have readers).

Started a little kerfuffle on the Dead Runners Society big list by asking (well, somewhat sarcastically, I guess), “Was this always a marathon list? I thought I remembered that we discussed running and training for all kinds of distances.”

Not being a marathon runner myself, I had become a bit impatient about a somewhat extensive marathon thread, including discussion of a Dead Encounter (where Dead Runners plan to meet to run and hang out) at the Victoria Marathon — yeah, in Canada, just up the road from Seattle.

I don’t do marathons, and I really don’t like to fly — well, ever since flying got so arduous, which seems to have started right after 9\11\2001. So I couldn’t get interested in the Victoria Marathon thread, managed to overlook that there’s a half-marathon as well as an 8k race associated with the marathon, and whined a bit on the list.

Heard from lotsa folks, all Dead friends (fortunately, not dead friends), who gently pointed out that the DRS list does indeed discuss all sorts of running issues, all sorts of distances, all kinds of training.  Correct-o.   And I’ve learned to use the smiley emoticon (:-) when kidding on the Internet.

Ended up with 101 miles for April, and now I have 40.5 miles as of today, May 11th.  So the running is going well, and I have some hope (maybe not high hopes) for going to Victoria in the Fall and running the 8k, or maybe even the half-a-thon.  (Wait?  Did I really type that?  Am I going bat-shit crazy?)




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  1. May 14 2012

    You are. LOL! But I love you. Honey, can we plan a trip to Hawaii? Maybe the summer of 2014.

    • May 14 2012

      Hey, maybe so, maybe so. Summer of 2014? Hmmmmn.


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