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April 27, 2012

Phew! And Good!

by Brendan

It’s been a good running month, this April.  I currently have 92 miles for the month, with tomorrow and Monday (April 30th, my 62nd birthday) to go.  I know that many runner sdo 200, or even 300 miles in a month, but 100-mile months was my New Year’s Resolution (kinda) goal for the year, and I reached that in January (111, actually) and will likely this month.  God willing if the creek don’t rise.

What’s helped a lot was the very nice streaks of cool weather twice in April — it’s gonna be much harder for me to log 100 miles in July and August.

What might help, though, is having from May 5th-July 2nd off from work.  I’m not signed up for the first short summer semester, so I get a lot of time off — teaching English at Santa Fe College is a pretty good gig, sometimes.  So, since I’m off most of May and all of June, I won’t have to worry about truncating my morning runs because I really, really need to get to work.

Just watching the TV news weather on our local channel, and Mr. Weatherguy, Bill Quinlan, predicts 90 degrees for tomorrow and Sunday.  Oh, no — makes me think about how every day in July and August is 96 degrees, about 96% humidity — all ya have to do is walk outside and move your eyes, and you break out in a sweat.

Viva air conditioning!!  Viva!  Encore!

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