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Combining Two Activities

Been running, though I’m tapering down this week for a 15k on Saturday morning — it’s the Newnan’s Lake 15k, ran it for the first time in about 1983, a flat course on Lakeshore Drive around a pretty lake.

I haven’t done any “overdistance,” but Monday a week ago (January 16th) I did run the ACTUAL distance. Thought to run 8 miles, said aloud, “Maybe 9,” so 9 miles was implanted in my brain.  Did 9 ’cause I felt fine, but musta been a little spacey, low blood sugar and all, took a slight wrong turn down a cul-del-sac IN MY OWN NEIGHBORHOOD.

So I thought, well it will be 9.3 then; so I did.  No real soreness or other health problems, so guess I’m good to go.

The other activity this year was suggested by my pastor, Rich Clark, in his Jan. 15th sermon — 15 days of examining the state of my soul, as if I’d never tried it before.  So been doing that — my soul is of course tarnished by wear, sin, and age, but my salvation has already been taken care of, long ago.

Found something nice on Rachel Evans Held’s blog, which turns out to be a quote from Psalm 90, Verse 12: “Teach me to number my days, that I may gain a heart of wisdom.”


"Resurrection," Mathias de Grunewald

orking on it, working on it.


Plans Changed!

Pam's South Daytona Instagram

So, my plans changed — driving all the way from Gainesville, FL to Asheville, NC in just a few days started to seem like an ordeal.  (Had even planned to get up at 4:30 or 5:00 Sunday morning so that I wouldn’t be pulling into Asheville after dark.)

So I went to Daytona Beach, where used to live and have gone 3-4 times lately — it’s sorta the default getaway, not so far and on the ocean.  Stayed, as usual, at the SeaScape Inn, right on the beach in Daytona Shores, which is just south of Daytona Beach proper.  It’s cheap, a little tatty but not too bad, and I get a little room with a kitchen and a small balcony that’s right on the ocean.

Arrived Sunday afternoon, and within an hour or so of arrival was taking a fast walk on the beach — did 4.4 miles, which I know exactly because of Map My Run .  Then on Monday morning did about the same, going north on the beach toward the Daytona Pier instead of south on the beach toward the Port Orange Pier and ran into a 25-mph breeze, so a negative split of 32 minutes out and 28 minutes back, this time 4.5 miles, of which 2.5 were running.

Picked up a little cold in Daytona, so running was a little down when I got back to Gainesville — but I did 3.25 miles yesterday (Wednesday) and 3.5 today, for a total so far for the week of 18.25.  And it’s been bitter cold, going down to 20 degrees yesterday morning and 29 today.

My new goal for the year, which I decided on after someone on the Dead Runners Society listserv said the same, is 100-mile months.  That’s not so different from what I’ve been doing and only needs 23 or 24 miles a week (since most months have more than 4 weeks).