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December 15, 2011

The D.O.L.T. Movement

by Brendan

D.O.L.T. stands for Do One Less Thing.  The acronym works for me because I often find myself way, way over-scheduled.  Maybe a lot of us do that — when we decide to do things, each thing we decide on, taken separately, seems like a good idea.  But then when they’re all in a row together, one after another after another, our lives are difficult (and sometimes to me feels outta control).

Take yesterday, for instance: Got up at 6:20, after not such a good night’s sleep, had coffee and read the paper.  AND THEN:

1. Went out for a 7-mile run.

2. Cleaned up, went into work, organized things I need, updated course Website.

3. Gave a final exam to 21 students.

4. During the exam, read a dozen or so petitions for College Petitions Committee on Thursday.

5. Rushed home to meet the service tech who was going to set up my gas fireplace.

6. Picked up Becca’s package (Christmas present) at the apartment complex office.

7. Took a 7-mile bike ride.

8. Cooked a pasta dish, a couple days worth of food.

And all this before 4:30p.m.  No wonder I was tired last night — I obviously need to try to just do one less thing each day.

But I learned nothing; today was almost as packed.  Sheesh.  Yikes.  Sheesh.  I must learn to ask myself — what would Stephen Colbert do?  (Certainly he would either take it easy or find someone else to do everything for him.)

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