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December 13, 2011

Must Be Having Fun — I’m Bleeding

by Brendan

Well, folks, I’m not actually bleeding, at least right now — but as I crash through the woods occasionally on runs, I sometimes intersect rose bushes or similar sticker-rich plants.  I’ve got about a dozen minor scratches on my ankles and shins, a few more on my hands.

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But the training is going well — today a 7-mile run, my longest this year, at about 8:41 pace.  So I’m on track to do a 15k January 28th (the Newnan’s Lake Run, which I haven’t done for years; signed up for it 2 years ago, but it was 18 degrees that morning, so I decided against running).  The link is here: And then there’s the Austin Half-Marathon February 17, as part of the Dead Runners Society World Conference (here’s the link:

Though not bleeding, I’m feeling a little beat today.  Didn’t sleep really well, blasted around campus getting things done, including giving a final exam to 21 students (already graded, final grades entered in the system).  Then a quick 5.5 mile bike ride this afternoon.

Tomorrow will be an easier day — 3 miles running in the morning, 20 minutes swimming in the late afternoon, giving 2 finals in between.

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