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December 3, 2011

Training With My Daughter

by Brendan

Becca's White Elephant Gift Exchange

My daughter Rebecca (age 28) is now back running.  When she was 13-14, we trained together regularly and did races together.  She was really pretty good, though she had exercise-induced asthma that only seemed to flare up for races and not in training — this meant that she always did better out training with me than she did in races.  Maybe it was performance anxiety mixed with a little sinus difficulty.

We did a 5k together once on University of Florida campus.  It was an out and back, and we did an amazing perfect split — 13:13 out and 13:13 back, for her PR of 26:26.  (I could do a 5k faster back then, under 20 minutes, but I ran with her in that race to help her out and urge her on.)

Don’t know why she decided to take up running again, but she’s maybe planning to come along  to the Dead Runners Society World Conference in Austin this coming February.  She might do the half-marathon as I am; maybe we’ll run it together.  That would be delightful.

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